Invisalign orthodontic treatment in Laval

Orthodontie appareil jeune patient

Invisalign® Invisible Orthodontics

Invisalign is a state-of-the-art, high-demand treatment option that involves wearing a series of transparent removable shells that move teeth gradually without wires or casings. These shells must be worn at all times (except during meals and dental hygiene measures) to obtain the expected treatment result. It is an increasingly popular treatment option for both teenagers and adults, and also for children between the ages of 8-11.

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Conventional Orthodontic Devices vs Invisible Devices

Conventional appliances for orthodontic treatment are the pins, also known as casings . However, there are also nowadays dental appliances for the treatment of adolescents and adults that are invisible, that is to say that an interlocutor will not be able to notice them. Dr. Dumoulin is proud to offer you such treatments before -keep.

Boîtiers orthodontiques

Orthodontic cases

Pins, also known as housings or fixed appliances, are the most commonly used appliances for orthodontic treatment. Advances in technology are remarkable because today’s cases are smaller, more aesthetic, more comfortable and more efficient! Different types of cases are available, including metal enclosures As well as aesthetic boxes , which are commonly called white or transparent. You can observe the image representing these two types of boxes. The housings are glued to the teeth with an orthodontic adhesive. They are interconnected by an arc-shaped wire that is held in place, depending on the case pattern, either by tiny elastics (available in a variety of colors) or by small doors at the front of the boxes. boxes (boxes called self-ligating). It is now possible to design custom braces for a faster and more personalized result. Because each patient is unique, each treatment is exclusive.

Appareil de rétention

Other types of appliances

As soon as the treatment has been completed and the brackets have been removed, retainers are put in place.

To maintain a dazzling smile, the proper use of retainers is essential.

Auxiliary appliances

In addition to brackets, other types of appliances may be used during orthodontic treatment.

  • Rapid palatal expansion appliance: Fixed appliance used to increase the width of the upper jaw so that it can adapt to the dimensions of the mandible.
  • Space maintainer: Appliance to preserve the space available for growing adult teeth in case of premature loss of primary teeth.
  • Growth stimulator device: Fixed or removable appliance used to accelerate or redirect the growth of one or both jaws.
  • Face mask: Removable appliance used to move the upper jaw forward.
  • Extraoral traction: Removable appliance to move the upper molars backwards or to limit anterior growth of the upper jaw.
  • Lingual arch: Fixed archthat presses on the inner side of lower teeth for space maintenance.

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