Why is orthodontic treatment important?

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Orthodontic treatment gives you a beautiful smile, but it is important to realize that the primary goal of orthodontics is to improve oral health by correcting malocclusions (tooth and/or jaw misalignment). In fact, overlapping teeth are difficult to clean, which can contribute not only to the development of cavities, but also gum disease and, in some severe cases, tooth loss. Misaligned teeth that do not fit properly together can also cause chewing and speech problems, as well as excessive tooth wear and worsening of jaw pain. In addition, the benefits of a healthy smile for self-esteem at any age should not be underestimated!

In short, healthy teeth definitely contribute to a beautiful appearance, but also plays a key role in the individual’s health and well-being. In addition, it must be kept in mind that additional dental care costs to correct problems caused by untreated malocclusion may exceed the cost of orthodontic treatment.

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